How To: Sweat Proof Makeup

May 12, 2017


Do you often get to the end of the day, look in the mirror and realise that your make up has all but disappeared? This used to happen to me All. The. Time. It was so annoying, I’d get home and my nose would be completely bare of all my carefully applied makeup and I would be resembling old mate Rudolph. Now I know you’re thinking ‘But that’s just life, make up can’t possibly stay perfect all day long.’ Well my friend, I’m here to tell you that yes, in fact, it can. Recently I went to an outdoor wedding on a 37 degree Celsius day in Australia, and it was HOT. Not going to lie, it was a complete sweat-fest. The wedding was stunning, but most of us were not looking so great after an hour in the heat. However, a bunch of people commented to me that my makeup still looked great and were asking me how I did it. I was pretty surprised, as I had not expected it to last at all (especially in that pesky upper lip area) but when I had a sneaky selfie camera make up check, my foundation was still in place. So I thought to myself maybe I’ve finally done it…SWEAT PROOF MAKEUP!! So what’s a girl to do when she finds out she’s discovered the formula to long lasting foundation? Share it on the internet of course! So here it is. (DISCLAIMER – I am not a makeup artist, I just enjoy makeup and am sharing what I have learned/what works for me J)

The first step to long-wearing makeup is understanding your skin type. Personally, I have combination dry skin – it’s mostly dry but tends to get a little oily in the T-zone, so these tips may not work for every skin type but I’ve tried to make them as universally applicable as possible.

Before you even think about slapping on your foundation, we need to prepare your skin for the long day ahead. If you are a fellow dry-skinned gal like myself, you’re going to need a fairly heavy-duty moisturiser to a) provide your skin with necessary moisture but also b) to stop your foundation flaking off your skin. Cos that ain’t a good look. However if your skin is more on the oily side you might want to go for more of a mattifying moisturiser – possibly a gel formula.

You might think that now we’ve got our moisturiser on, we are ready to go with foundation. Well, you’re wrong - we need to prime girl! I’ve only recently learned that primer actually does have a purpose and it actually works. For a while I’ve been battling with my foundation turning orange after I’ve applied it, and mismatched foundation is one of my biggest pet peeves so it was making me pretty mad. It wasn’t until I did some careful research that I learned what primer actually does. Basically, your foundation turns orange because sometimes it oxidises when in contact with the oils in your skin. What primer does is provide a barrier between your skin and the foundation, therefore stopping that pesky orange face thing happening. Hallelujah for primer! Oh and it also makes your face stay in place. I like to use the Australis original primer because it is super hydrating and is silicone free – silicone is what they put in primers to smooth out your skin, but for dry skin that’s not great as it also sucks the water out of your pores.

The next step is, finally, foundation. Long wear foundation comes down to the formula of the product, but also the way it interacts with your skin. So when choosing a foundation, pay attention to what it claims to do. If it’s for dry skin and you have oily skin, maybe don’t go for that one cos ya know…it’s probably not gonna be a good time for you. My favourite foundation is the L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte foundation – it is freaking amazing. It lasts over 16 hours (I have checked, don’t worry) and it doesn’t fade or melt off your face, even when you’re sweating buckets! Amazing. I would definitely recommend, but if you have recommendations feel free to comment them down below – sharing is caring after all!

Application is also a really important step to consider – different ways work for different people, but in my experience the best results come from using a damp beauty blender-type sponge. I love the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge, as it is much more affordable than a beauty blender but gives the same flawless finish.

When you’re done with foundation, make sure you use a loose powder to set it – pretty self-explanatory so I won’t go further into that, y’all know what it does.

Lastly, after you’ve put all your other makeup on top of your foundation, use a setting spray to lock it in place and you’ll be golden! I like to use a hydrating one so my poor dry skin doesn’t go patchy, and my favourite is the Australis Aloe and Rose Water finishing spray. I also use it to refresh my make up during the day if it’s looking a little flat or dry.

And that’s it! I hope this has been helpful for you in your makeup journey, please comment with questions if you have any or feel free to share your tips and tricks with me! J

Carolyn xx

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