I Went To London!!

September 28, 2017

Hey blog!! It's been a while...but that's because I was away having an amazing holiday in England and America, so I thought I'd share some of my travels and recommendations with you :) I've also vlogged my trip so if you don't like reading (or even if you do), I'll link the video below. 


We flew into London in the early evening and we stayed in a AirBnB in London Fields, which is a suburb in East London. I would highly recommend AirBnBs (we used them in America too) because you save a ton of money and, in my opinion, it gives you more of a feel for living in the city rather than just being a tourist. So, definitely check some of them out before booking in a hotel - just be sure to check other people's review of them so that you know you're getting a good place :)



Our first day in London we saw SO MANY THINGS! It was exhausting but I'm pretty amazed at how much we fit into one day - we were only in London for about 3 days, so we had to fit a lot into a tiny amount of time but somehow we did it! 


  Our first stop was the Tower of London and Tower Bridge, which is a pretty impressive sight and is definitely worth seeing. We didn't go inside the Tower of London, but you can take tours etc so if you've got the extra time and moolah, that would be a really interesting thing to do. 



Next we headed along the river towards Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. The theatre isn't actually the original - it burned down in 1613 - but it is a reconstruction of it. I wanted to see a play here so badly but they were completely sold out for the days we were there so if that's something you'd want to do, make sure you book in early!



We also walked across the Millennium Bridge (the one that gets ripped up in Harry Potter), which is right next to the Globe, before moving on to Covent Garden. Covent Garden is a marketplace/shopping area which has a few different areas - there are the more touri parts which are a bit cheaper and some of the stalls actually have really cool stuff, as well as the typical touristy things and there are parts that have more high-end shops. It's a really nice place to visit and a cool place to do some shopping if you've got the time. 


Next we walked to Trafalgar Square - this isn't crazy exciting but it's cool to see, it's basically just a square that has the National Gallery in it as well as some statues and fountains. 



















After that we walked by Big Ben, Westminster Palace, Westminster Abbey, and the London Eye before we headed to dinner. For dinner we went to a very cool English pub for pies and beers - while you're in England, you've got to go to at least one. They're just like in the movies/on TV and they're very cool (plus the pies are amazing).














































Looking back, it's crazy that we fit all of that in one day! Day two was just as crazy and amazing. We started off at Buckingham Palace to watch the changing of the guard - it was so busy but still kind of cool to watch. 



Next we went on a walking tour of some pretty famous parks and palaces around the London area, including Hyde Park and Kensington Palace. 






























































We did a looooooot of walking on this day and this walking tour took most of the day so after we did that we went out for dinner at the Shoreditch Blues Club, which is an American BBQ style food joint which is also a bar and music venue. We got some delicious fried chicken, had some fruity drinks and watched some blues tunes. Day two was pretty fun. 










On our third and final day of our stay in London, we started off the day by walking along Regent's Canal toward the Docklands Railway. We took the Docklands line to Canary Wharf and Greenwich. 

 Canary Wharf is kind of like a second CBD in London so there was a lot of development going on, so we took the train over to Greenwich. We checked out the Old Naval College and saw the Cutty Sark, which is a famous ship (for some reason that I may have forgotten). 


























The last thing we did in London was head to Harrod's and browsed around a bit - that place is crazy busy but pretty cool! WE didn't really end up buying anything because it is quite expensive, but still a cool place to visit. 


The next day we picked up our hire car and headed out of London.

All in all, London was AMAZING and I loved every second of it. 

Thanks for reading! If you want to see more of my London adventure, check out my vlog below :)

More adventures coming soon!

Carolyn xx




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